Altamont Lutheran Interparish School Faculty

Mrs. Brittany Conner
  • 5-8 Math, 8th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Brittany Conner is the 8th Grade Homeroom teacher at A.L.I.S.   She teaches 5th-8th grade math, 8th grade literature, 8th grade PE, and Life Skills classes.

As a graduate of Altamont Lutheran Interparish School, Mrs. Conner is thrilled to work with many of the teachers that were her teachers as a student.  She feels blessed with the opportunity to return to A.L.I.S. 

Mrs. Conner graduated from John Wood Community College and Eastern Illinois University.   She resides in Altamont with her husband and children. She enjoys watching her niece and nephew’s sporting events and cheering on the Altamont Indians any chance she gets.  

God has granted so many blessings and she is forever thankful for them. She prays that God will keep His guiding hand upon her and the student families as they work together for the good of the community, school, and churches.

Mr. Trenton Deadmond
  • 5-8 History, 7th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Trenton Deadmond is the 7th Grade Homeroom teacher at A.L.I.S.  He teaches Physical Education, Life Skills, and middle school history.  Mr. Deadmond is also the technology coordinator.  A graduate of A.L.I.S. and A.C.H.S., he has the pleasure of teaching at his alma mater. 

Mr. Deadmond has a degree in History Education from Greenville College. He and his wife have a daughter and reside in Altamont.  Among his hobbies are running, hiking, camping, cycling, going to moves, and spending time with his family.  Mr. Deadmond is also an avid fisherman and hits the water with his fly rod in hand as much as possible.

Mr. Deadmond feels it's a blessing to be teaching in a positive, Christ-affirming school and thanks God daily for the blessings He has brought him personally as well as to A.L.I.S.  He prays for His continued guidance and care for the school and its member congregations. 

Mrs. Jana Deadmond
  • Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Jana Deadmond is serving ALIS as the kindergarten teacher.  She has been in this role since 1989.  She received her Bachelors in Education from Eastern Illinois University, completed colloquy through Concordia River Forest, and gained a Masters in Education from Concordia Chicago.  She is committed to providing a solid beginning to students' formal education academically, socially, and most importantly, spiritually.  Her commitment to this endeavor is evident not only by the longevity of her service but also by the fact that her own four children graduated from ALIS.  Mrs. Deadmond loves teaching and giving her students opportunities to learn in a wide variety of formats.      

Ms. Susie Galloway
  • Resource Teacher

Miss Galloway is a retired Special Education teacher and has worked part-time at A.L.I.S. as a resource teacher since 2015.  She provides a valuable service, which is uncommon in smaller Christian schools, to the students and staff of the school.  In addition to resource teaching, Miss Galloway serves as the Scholar Bowl coach.

Elaine Kopplin
  • 3rd Grade Homeroom Teacher

The third grade teacher is Elaine (Burrow) Kopplin. She grew up on a dairy farm in Altamont and attended A.L.I.S. and A.C.H.S.  She is married to Doug, who also attended A.L.I.S. They have five children - Austin, Amelia, Arianna, A.J., and Aaron who is deceased. They have three dogs - Aspen, Apollo, and Astro.

She has been teaching at A.L.I.S. since 1989. She received her Bachelors in Education from Concordia River Forest University in 1989. She received her Masters in Education from Eastern Illinois University in 1993. The staff, students, and families are very special to her. They are a family growing together in Christ Jesus.

Third grade is a wonderful grade. She loves to watch the children grow throughout the year. Her hope is that the students feel safe and loved in her classroom. More importantly, she wants them to know Jesus as their Good Shepherd and Savior.

Ms. Melissa Marchman
  • K-8 Music

Ms. Marchman is a 34 year recently retired music educator and is new to ALIS.  She is currently teaching general music for K-8th grade and loving it!  She holds a masters degree from the University of Northern Colorado with emphasis on Music Education and Theory.   Her bachelors degree is from Eastern Illinois University, where she received certification in grades K-12 Vocal, General and Instrumental education as well as 6-12 Mathematics and 6-9 English.  In her most recent position at Antioch Community District 34, she taught 2-5th grades general music at W. C. Petty Elementary School using a mixture of Orff, Kodaly, and Dalcroze methodologies, Bobcat Singers, Mallet Club, Percussion Ensemble and Recorder Club.  Ms. Marchman has lived in Illinois her entire life.  She grew up in St. Elmo, Illinois and has returned there in the fall of 2018.  Ms. Marchman has traveled extensively, both in the United States and around the world.  Her favorite place to visit is Yellowstone National Park as she has been there 8 different times. She is looking forward to many days of singing, traveling,  and crafting in her free time. 

Connie Mathias
  • 1st Grade Homeroom Teacher

Teaching more that 30 years at Altamont Lutheran Interparish School, Mrs. Mathias teaches first grade teacher and loves her job.  

Children come to first grade with varied physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. In a setting where God's love guides our actions, we help each child to know that God love him/her and that God has given him/her a wonderful mind and body. We try to teach each child to use their God-given talents and gifts to the best of their ability. A positive experience in first grade provides the skills and confidence to be prepared for second grade. First grade is a place for children to grow. Your child will build on a foundation of habits, sharing experiences, and developing skills needed to help them grow. The Christian first grade teaches a personal relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. It builds upon and continues the Christian training which has begun in the home.

Mrs. Mathias has three adult children who are graduates of A.L.I.S.   "They are special to me and so are you."  Mrs. Mathias 


Amber Schnarre
  • 2nd Grade Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Amber Schnarre joined the A.L.I. S. staff as a second grade teacher in 2015.  She is a native of Altamont as well as an A.L.I.S. graduate who believes it is a true blessing to have the opportunity to do a job that she loves while educating children and sharing the love of Jesus with her students daily!

It is a joy to teach second grade and watch as her students grow not only physically and mentally, but also spiritually. Mrs. Schnarre’s 2nd grade students work on many things throughout the school year.  Independence in school work, an introduction to cursive writing, and working towards reading chapter books are just a few highlights of 2nd grade at A.L.I.S.  Flat Stanley and Magic Tree House are among the class favorites.  Students enjoy the many adventures these books bring!

Mrs. Schnarre and her husband reside in rural Altamont with their three children who currently attend A.L.I.S. The Schnarre family enjoys spending time together, traveling, and staying busy with their many extracurricular activities.

“A.L.I.S. was a blessing throughout my adolescent life and continues now; not only as a teacher, but also as a parent.”  Mrs. Scharre

Mrs. April Stuemke
  • 5-8 English Language Arts, 5th Grade Homeroom Teacher

April Stuemke is the fifth grade homeroom teacher. She teaches English and spelling to grades 5-8 and literature to grades 5-7. She has taught at A.L.I.S. since 1986.

Mrs. Stuemke graduated from Immanuel Lutheran School, Altamont High School, Lake Land College, and Eastern Illinois University.  She has a colloquy Degree from Concordia University Chicago.

She and her husband Elwin "Curly" live in Altamont. They have three sons, three daughters-in-law, and three grandsons.

Mrs. Stuemke belongs to Immanuel Lutheran Church and is active in the praise team ministry. Music is a big part of her life.  She enjoys going to musicals and concerts.  Her favorite concert, so far, is a toss-up between Paul McCartney and Ben Folds.  She has been to New York City to Broadway.  She is a huge Chicago Cubs fan and also is a fan of the St. Louis Blues.  She and her husband have sung the National Anthem at Wrigley Field.

Mrs. Stuemke's time is spent following her grandsons and nieces and nephews around to their sporting events and other activities.

She prays that God will bless you as you consider or continue to attend A.L.I.S.

Mrs. Jeanne Wolff
  • Art Teacher Aide

A retired art teacher, Mrs. Jeanne Wolff continues to share her talent in art with the students of A.L.I.S.  She and her husband live in Altamont, have four children, 3 sons-in-law, one daughter-in-law, and are blessed with a multitude of beautiful grandchildren.

Grace Ziegler
  • Science and P.E. Teacher

Grace Ziegler, a graduate of ALIS and lifelong resident of Altamont, joined ALIS as a full-time teacher in 2018. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, IN, in May of 2016 and continued her education at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College to complete a Transition to Teaching Program in 2018. Grace previously served ALIS as a long term substitute teacher while also completing her student teaching.

Given the credentials Grace possesses, she will be taking on the teaching duties of Carl Benning after his retirement in June of 2019.  In addition to teaching, she serves as the Altamont Lady Wildcats girls’ basketball coach, and was also an assistant coach for the Altamont High School Girls Basketball Team for the past three years.

Grace is a blessing to the ministry of ALIS and Unit 10 schools as she has a passion for education and an enthusiasm for sports. Her involvement has served to improve the communication and relationship between ALIS, AGS, and ACHS.

Mrs. Mary Zumwalt
  • 4th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Mary Zumwalt received her A.A. from St. Paul’s College in Concordia, MO, a B.A. from Concordia Teachers College in River Forest, IL and an M.A. from Concordia University in River Forest, IL.  She has served schools in Texas and Illinois with the last 36 years being at Bethlehem, Altamont, and Altamont Lutheran Interparish School.  Besides teaching she has been a Sunday school teacher, cheerleading and volleyball coach, VBS coordinator and teacher, youth leader and a school administrator.

Her love of teaching has been combined with her love for agriculture with many activities incorporating agriculture in the classroom.  That passion earned her runner up for Illinois Ag in the Classroom Teacher of the Year in 2014 and then Teacher of the Year in 2015.  Her students know that fun and learning is in store when new items enter the room.  She has also been honored as Altamont’s Teacher of the Year.

She believes a hands on learning approach helps students learn and have fun at the same time.  She has traveled extensively and adds that knowledge to her teaching.  She enjoys taking her class on field trips that reinforce information learned in class.  Her desire is that through the love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit students will be equipped to serve as responsible Christians.

Altamont Lutheran Interparish School Staff

Mrs. Julie Began
  • Food Service Leader
Mrs. Carla Cornett
  • Food Service Assistant

In 1980, when Carla was asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” she answered, “A mom!”  She looked up to her mom then and still does to this day.  After graduating from Effingham High School in 1988, she attended Lake Land College and graduated with a degree in Cosmetology in 1989.  Just like her mom, Carla stayed at home for 20 years and worked together with her husband, Ross, to raise four young men, Lantz, who is married to Kaitlin, Trevor, Evan, and Logan.

Carla has enjoyed cooking and baking her entire life, from the Easy Bake oven as a child, to working alongside her parents in the kitchen, to making homemade cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning breakfast as a preteen, to learning how to put together a meal for a family while she was in high school, to cooking for her own husband and children, and finally preparing meals professionally.  For five summers, Ross and Carla managed a hunting and fishing lodge where she assisted with the meal preparation in the kitchen and on the shoreline and, on occasion, lead the meal preparation at the main lodge.  Today, she thoroughly enjoys working with the Food Service Leader at ALIS preparing meals for the students and staff of ALIS.

Carla and her husband, Ross, have lived in the Altamont Community since 1993 and are members of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Altamont, IL, where she enjoys worshiping her Lord and Savior in word and song.  Her absolute favorite leisure time activity is eating at the kitchen table or swinging on the swing set around the campfire with her husband and family while telling and listening to stories of what is happening or what has happened in their lives and seeing the hand of God at work in their lives.  Some other activities that she enjoys are sewing, fishing, and playing cards.  One of her favorite things to say to her children is, “Do your BEST and ENCOURAGE the ones around you!”

Mrs. Robinette Flach
  • Principal

Mrs. Robi Flach, a product of Lutheran schools, was born and raised in Altamont, Illinois.  She graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, and later pursued a Master of Arts in Teaching degree at Aurora University, IL.  After teaching for six years in grades 3-8, Robi became a full time teacher and administrator at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church and School in Oswego, IL.  She returned “home” in 2016 to serve as principal at Altamont Lutheran Interparish School, her alma mater. 

She and her husband live in rural Altamont.  They have three grown daughters and are anxiously expecting the birth of their first grandchild in July of 2019 followed close behind by their second due in September of 2019. 

Robi's favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 22:6.  "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."

Mary Hendricks
  • Administrative Assistant/Book keeper

Mary Hendricks is the Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper at A.L.I.S.  She and her husband, Kelly, have three grown children and two grandchildren.


Mary is a graduate of SIU-Carbondale and has been at A.L.I.S. since 2001.  She enjoys working with students and getting to know them and their families.  Mary considers it rewarding to be  a part of a Christ-centered school where the love of God is shared on a daily basis. She is always happy to answer your questions and be of assistance whenever possible.

Rev. Marcus Manley
  • Pastor, Bethlehem and Zion Lutheran Churches

Rev. Marcus Manley began serving as Pastor of the dual parish of Zion and sister congregation, Bethlehem Lutheran Church in December 2017.  Pastor Manley and his wife, Amy, are parents to six children.  In 2008, he earned his B.A. at Hanover College, IN. In 2012 he graduated with a Master of Divinity degree from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN and served his vicarage at Faith Lutheran Church, Vista, CA. 

Ms. Lindsey Pruemer
  • Teacher Aide

 Ms. Pruemer began working as the teacher's aide in the fall of 2016. A former student of ALIS, she feels truly blessed to be a part of this loving community bound by faith and purpose to enrich young minds through Christian education. Since joining the ALIS staff she has had the privilege to aide with grades K-4, allowing her to work side by side with many of her former elementary school teachers. Teachers who, she says, continue to teach her every day. Throughout the day, Ms. Pruemer will assist teachers in paper work and preparing for lessons, tutor children in various subjects, and help out during lunch, recesses, and study halls.

Ms. Pruemer is a 2013 graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a focus on Child and Adolescent Psychology. She has experience working with children of different ages, abilities, and backgrounds. She loves working with children so much she continues to spend time with them after school lets out. Each day Ms. Pruemer leads students over to the After School Care Program at Immanuel Lutheran Church. There ALIS students come together with AGS students to enjoy a free program in a safe environment.

Lindsey is an active member of Immanuel Lutheran Church, a book lover, a Disney fanatic, and a Green Bay Packers fan. She enjoys traveling, crafting, and spending time with family and friends. She has a bubbly personality and usually a smile on her face leading several people to ask if she's ever in a bad mood. The answer, yes of course, but she tries to stay positive. “I'm a child of God. I'm loved. I'm saved. What's not to smile about?”

Rev. David Speers
  • Pastor, St. Paul Blue Point Lutheran Church
Marilyn Winter
  • Librarian

Marilyn Winter earned her Master’s and Bachelor’s degree from Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska.  She took classes in library science and children’s literature and is currently the librarian at Altamont Lutheran School.  Marilyn has taught and substituted in grades 1-8.  She served many years as a 4-H leader and on the district board for the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League.  She is currently on the board of directors for the Family Life Center and the Silk Purse.  She is also the coordinator for the Sewing Seeds of Kindness group at Immanuel Lutheran Church.  Raising five children and having nine grandchildren fosters her interest in working with youth.

Rev. Jim Wright
  • Pastor, Immanuel Lutheran Church

Dr. James Wright, teacher of confirmation for A.L.I.S. students in grades 7-8, was installed as Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church on July 18, 2009. He previously served Zion-St. John Lutheran Church, Wisner, Nebraska; Pacific Hills Lutheran in Omaha, Nebraska, and most recently served as Associate Pastor of St. John Lutheran Church, Champaign, Illinois.

Pastor Wright holds Associate and Bachelors degrees from Concordia University, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Masters of Divinity from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis; and Doctor of Ministry from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is trained in reconciliation ministry through Ambassadors of Reconciliation. He has served as Circuit Counselor and Emergency Services Support Team member.

Pastor is married to Lisa and has one daughter, Lillian.