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Responsibilities for the Success of ALIS Remote Learning





• Implement remote learning plans

• Communicate regularly with all stakeholders.

• Support teachers in planning and implementing remote learning plans.

• Help families find needed resources in the community (academic,

health, social).




• Make remote learning activities available in a timely manner.

• Be available at scheduled times to answer student/caregiver


• Provide timely feedback on student work.

• Communicate regularly with students.

• Provide a range of meaningful learning opportunities that meet the

needs of all learners during the period of closure.

• Provide regular feedback to students on progress related to learning





• Review assigned work.

• Complete your assigned work by the due date.

• Ask clarifying questions when you need help or don’t understand

• Be respectful to yourself, teachers and peers.





• Review work assigned to the student.

• Reserve a space for students to complete remote learning work.

• Encourage students to get enough sleep.

• Set sensible time limits for technology use.

• Talk to students about their work every day.

• Help students establish and follow regular daily routines.


Essential Instructional Recommendations For ALIS

  • When teachers plan for remote learning, they will take into consideration the needs of all students and staff
  • Implementing remote learning that works to ensure that all students have access to equitable educational opportunities
  • Remote Planning documentation that considers the needs and abilities of all students served at ALIS
  • Remote Learning will engage students appropriately given their age and grade level.
  • Content selected for remote learning will be aligned to standards, relevant, and appropriate for each student
  • Practicing consistent communication with students, families, and staff to understand how the health emergency is impacting them

Essential Grading Recommendations for ALIS

  • A focus on keeping children emotionally and physically safe, fed, and engaged in learning should be our priority during this unprecedented time.
  • The emphasis for schoolwork assigned, reviewed, and completed during the remote learning period is on learning, not on compliance
  • Grading during remote learning will be Pass or Incomplete, pose a variety of assessment methods, and will focus on the continuation of learning. 
  • All students will be expected to complete assigned work and will have the opportunity to redo, make up, or try again to complete, show progress, or attempt to complete work assigned prior to the remote learning period in that time frame.
  • More broadly, nothing in this recommendation is intended to replace or supersede federal or state law, contracts, or collective bargaining agreements or established past practice

Establishing Consistency for Remote Learning at ALIS

  • Clearly articulated goals
  • Cross-curricular collaboration to focus instruction
  • Options for students that tap into students’ interests, readiness levels, and learning styles while providing families flexibility
  • A mix of real-time, flexibly timed, technological, and non-technological options, that avoids penalizing students for their choice
  • A common platform where students can access work and find support and resources (for both online and non-online work).
  • A clear plan of communication involving the school, teachers, students, and families.
  • Genuine interest and effort in supporting students’ social, emotional, and academic growth.