Admission Process

Step 1
  • Schedule a tour
    • Contact us to schedule your tour today!
    • We encourage both parents and potential student participation for the tour.
    • Lower grade tours are led by administrative staff. 
    • Middle school tours are led by the administrative staff for parents while the potential student receives a personal tour by a current student.
    • All potential students are welcome to visit for a short time or spend a few hours getting to know us better.
Step 2
  • A folder with the information below will be provided.
    • ALIS registration sheet with cost information.
    • School supply list.
    • Application with all required documents for admission.
    • Updated annual calendar
    • A few editions of The Rocket Review, our school newsletter.

  • Complete the documents and return them to the ALIS school office.

  • Contact the school office to check on the status of your application.

Step 3
  • Look for an email from Sycamore Education, the school student information system, create your parent account, and take time to learn where to find information.
  • Attend ALIS Registration.  The date and time may be located on the annual calendar or by phone call to the school office.
  • You and your student attend any scheduled open house or orientation.